Yes, we have elected Barack Obama for a second term.  Now, I would like to write and explain how each one of us can continue to ‘vote’ on a daily basis for the USA you desire.  This applies to both citizens and non-citizens and is equally as influential as the pinnacle night of an election year.

In short, we should vote with our wallets, our forks, our transportation, our home environment and our pens.  It will take time and energy to follow through with all of the following.  It will not be effortless and staying on course will be challenging.  This is a conscious effort and is a strong move away from a passive lifestyle. If you are able to make the change I’m convinced you will live a fulfilled and rewarding life with no regrets (politically).

Voting with your Wallet:

Where you shop fuels the companies that support politicians and their issues.  You can take a simple step towards your beliefs by supporting businesses that are in alignment with your political perspective. Example: I enjoy the outdoors and I try to purchase items made by Patagonia.  I believe they are a role model for corporations that supply products to a large market while retaining a positive initiative on environmental topics.  When possible I also always choose to spend my money at a local vendor over a nationally/ internationally based corporation.

Vote with your Fork:

For those that are fortunate enough you have an opportunity to influence politicians daily through your eating habits. Making a conscious effort to understand where your food comes from and then supporting the resources that are in alignment with your political goals is highly effective. This will hopefully have multiple effects because what we eat directly affects our heath because food is our personal energy source. Example: When my father died of cancer the doctors only explanation of how he inherited the disease was through his diet.  I was perplexed by this answer and beside myself.  My research has led me to believe that I want to consume a ‘clean diet’ that is void of any chemicals and genetically modified foods.  I want to eat produce the way it was made by Mother Nature.  I have voided out all ‘boxed’ and ‘prepared’ foods and have centered my spending on organic products with fair farming ethics.  At ‘super markets’ I only buy from the fresh meat counter or the veggie bins and when possible I purchase my goods at local farmers markets. Organic and Fair Trade when possible.

Vote with your Transportation:

Each of us deals with getting from point A to point B on a daily basis.  How you do this affects our world daily.  Choose a means of transportation that reflects your political goals.  Example:  When I drive to work I try to carpool to reduce the number of cars on the road. I try to walk or ride my bike a few days a week to supplement my driving and further reduce car emissions.  When on vacation I try to ride public transportation to the airport and local public transportation in the city I’m visiting. I’m voting for bettering the environment and reducing climate change caused by industrialization.

Vote with your Home Environment:

The place where we start and end our day has a huge impact on our well-being.  Using your home as a place to reinforce your political goals will continually remind you of your success and happiness. Example: I have discontinued using home cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. It is my hope that the ‘waste discharged’ from my home is chemical free and does not affect the environment in a negative manner.

Vote with your Pen:

Today there are many outlets for making a small contribution to political media messages.  Using contemporary means in combination with traditional methodologies has a large impact on conveying your political message to those that represent you in your government. Example:  I try to take the time to vote and sign petitions for the topics i support and sign letters that parallel my political interest. I also try to ‘like’ blog posting that convey my interest.  Supporting media that parallels your political interest hopefully ensures their media success and communicates your interest.

Here are a few images that hopefully support the topics above:

*about the title of this blog entry – I wanted to extend this message beyond those that had the opportunity to vote this past Tuesday.  To me the residences of the United States is everyone within our borders.  With current political jargon companies are referred to as people so I will also extend the definition to them and their founders/ employees.  This message is for everyone, independent of your status, your gender or your race.  At the same time I know there are those that are out there that are in need and find themselves focused on survival more than anything.  I will try my best to better our world through positive activism. What will you do?