Backwards Beekeepers


We’re a group of organic, treatment-free beekeepers in Los Angeles, with branches now forming in other cities.

We’re “Backwards” because we rely on observation and natural practices to keep our bees thriving rather than pesticides, chemicals, or treatments of any kind.

We’re continually growing as more and more people discover the enjoyment and worth of encouraging our native feral bee population. Our goal is to do right by the bees so that the bees can return the favor.

The Story:

Once upon a time, back in 2008, we (Amy & Russell) were curious about becoming beekeepers. We found Kirk online and scheduled a meeting. It was love at first sight—we connected to his philosophy about letting the bees do their thing…and we were smitten by his sense of humor. We formed the Backwards Beekeepers that day and the 3 of us have been joined by thousands of like-minded people since.


Kirk Anderson has been keeping bees since the 70’s when he ordered them in the mail from Montgomery Ward. He is the guru of the Backwards Beekeepers. Kirk is from Utah and has a twin brother.

Russell Bates directs films, commercials and TV. He also makes all of the “Backwards Beekeepers TV” videos and runs the blog with Amy.

Amy Seidenwurm does digital marketing for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and The Hollywood Bowl. She also does all of the outreach for the Backwards Beekeepers and runs the blog with Russell.