The catalyst for this years the furniture group at Johnson Fain is the term Found Object.  The knowledge of the Readymade movement in Art and Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain can be found in the periphery of my brain.  Now I am re-educating myself on the specifics of the era that challenged the very definition of Art and wondering if this opportunity will afford any greatness today.

The main bridge between Found Object and myself is my previous knowledge of the Found Object art movement  (readymade) and a genuine disinterest to go backwards in time. I want to dismantle this bridge of information, retain the essence of the understanding, and re-assemble it into a contemporary approach to what Found Object means in the new millennium.


“The connotations of mystery about where it came from, the feeling that it is a lucky or providential occurrence, and the sense that it is simply a “free gift from the world” or “from nowhere” can add to the sense of wonder or magic surrounding a found object.” – wikipedia: