“You may have an ego will, for instance: you want to stay on your own path and you are attracted by something outside, projected of course from yourself. If it is an evil will, it will be contradicted by the archetypal law of the collective unconscious that life must evolve in a certain way. Our ego idea would be: There is the good thing on the mountain top and I will make a straight line for it; but the archetypal way is not like that, the archetypal way is the serpent that wriggles us, or goes around in spirals, until it reaches the top. The archetypal law often seems to us like defeat, a standstill. Most people get terribly impatient and even despair because nothing happens, they get nowhere, they are all the time hindered; they don’t understand that this is just as it may be and actually their only chance to get there. For they can only grow up to it, and what they grasp at is their own illusion, and not the fruit of growth and development. Therefore Buddhism holds that you can never attain to redemption, whatever you do, you must first grow up to it; even Buddha himself had to go through more than five hundred incarnations in order to attain nirvana.”