Louis I. Kahn – “Conversations with Students” pg. 31-32

Three aspects of architecture……
As a professional you have the obligation of learning your conduct in all relationships…in institutional relationships, and in your relationship with men who entrust you with work.

Another aspect is training a man to express himself. This is his own prerogative. He must be given the meaning of philosophy, the meaning of belief, the meaning of faith. He must know the other arts.

An architect must use round wheels, and he must make his doorways bigger than people. But architects must learn that they have other rights…their own rights. To learn this, to understand this, is giving the man the tools for making the incredible, that which nature cannot make. The tools make a psychological validity, not just a physical validity, because man, unlike nature, has choice.

The third aspect you must learn is that architecture really does not exist. Only a work of architecture exists. Architecture does exist in the mind. A man who does a work of architecture does it as an offering to the spirit of architecture…..